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The Midi Skirt

I’m lovin’ the midi skirt these days. It’s feminine and flattering and you can find them in all different prints. It accentuates a small waist, while hiding large hips, and it is just BEGGING for a pair of fun heels. 

Some lovely examples from, my favorite inspiration source, the STREETS:

from Vanessa Jackman’s blog.

from Style Surgery.

This example is from TopShop. I like how they styled her with a wide belt, short, chunky vintage-y necklace, and side chignon. I love how easy and lovely it looks:

Find some midi skirts at my shop! Pair these with a cropped top, or a tied topped to expose yourmidi.  

Navy Geometric Vintage Midi Skirt from FoundShop. $25

Vintage Raspberry Floral/Tribal Large Pleated Midi Skirt from FoundShop. $26

Vintage Dark Purple Floral/Geometric Pleated Midi Skirt from FoundShop. $22

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